House Lifting & Raising in Kissimmee

House Lifting & Raising in KissimmeeThe sloping issue needs to be addressed if your home sits at a critical low point on your property where water can collect and damage your foundation. Grading a yard is one option, but sometimes lifting a house and raising it is the most effective way to keep it dry and protect it from erosion and water damage. In order to safely and economically raise homes, Foundation Repair Kissimmee uses a variety of proven elevation techniques and foundation systems customized to fit each job. In order for this process to be effective, homes in good condition that are on existing timber pilings should be elevated based on revised flood maps, or by local ordinance. Homeowners can benefit from our Sandy Bracket helical system if they want their home elevated.

Our Proven Lifting & Raising Solutions

The method used by Foundation Repair of Kissimmee for lifting homes is much less invasive than a traditional lift, since the home is never disconnected from its foundation or moved off of its footprint; therefore, the risks associated with traditional lifting are greatly reduced.

Some of the other benefits of our method are:

  • Neither homeowners nor tenants are required to vacate their homes months in advance or weeks afterward. When local utilities and officials work together, homeowners only have to vacate for a few weeks rather than months.
  • Since no new timber resources are used, this process is considered a “Sustainable Solution,” because existing ones are simply “recycled” to a new level.
  • When connected with a grade beam, Sandy Bracket helical bracket provides a secure foundation. As a result, this significantly reduces “sway mitigation” and provides greater peace of mind during windy days than homes raised on timber pilings.

You Want More Space

You might want to consider raising your house and adding a second floor to your house if you are expanding. If you raise your home, you may be able to use a crawl space to build a full basement, or you may be able to raise the basement ceiling. It is possible to double your square footage without spending much money by using the methods mentioned above. The cost of finishing a basement or first floor can be reduced by between 60 and 70 percent compared to adding the same amount of space in another way. One of the best reasons to raise your house instead of adding an extension is to keep your backyard. Due to the size of typical residential lots, you don’t have much outdoor space in the city. You can preserve your outdoor space by raising your house.

Flood Protection

A suburb near water is either a freshwater zone prone to flooding, a wetlands, or a low-bank property along the seashore. Many of those cases may require moving the house or elevating it away from the high-water zones. Whether you need a lift after your house floods, or you want to take preventative measures to avoid further flooding in the future, we can help. House lifting can also help mitigate other impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise and flooding.

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